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Attraction Zone

Freelancers zone

In a thrilling environment, Freelancers in BiznEX will have the opportunity to engage in a competitive setup to work on projects to develop creative and innovative solutions in different aspects of businesses development.

For the first time in Egypt, Egyptian freelancers will have a full access to different industries and business types in which they can excel and make impact on. All in one place!

Attraction Zone

Superlancers zone

Those are the freelancers with special capabilities. Their talents are never limited by their incapability, actually their perfect imperfections are making their skills and work much more unique and powerful.

Seed Business Zone

Entrepreneurship Exhibitors

As BiznEX believes in empowering entrepreneurs to contribute in Egypt’s investment map, and adopting Egypt’s 2030 vision. BiznEX has reserved a space for startups and entrepreneurs to contribute to the investment ecosystem the BiznEX offers with their young and lucrative ideas and skills.

Seed Bus Zone

startup Competition

Targeting inspiring entrepreneurs and early stage startups, the competition enables them to get noticed and funded. A startup competition is a great way for them to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of industry leaders, influencers, investors and hundreds of decision-makers audience. Apply for BiznEX Startup competition and win USD 10,000