Expo Zones

Expo Zones

Commercial Brands Zone

Making business is the optimum goal of BiznEX. Thus, a various collection of commercial bands is there to expose and capture expansion and growth opportunities.

Food Beverages
Restaurants & Cafes
Health & Beauty
Automative & spare
Food processing
Electornics & Technology
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Expo Zones

Commercial & Administrative Reale State Zone

The facilitation for investors to pick the right place for their next venture and/or investment. Different specialties for assorted opportunities.

Retail Realestate Development
Retail Realestate Leasing
Offices Realestate Development
Offices Realestate Leasing
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Expo Zones

Banking & Financial Zone

No need to exert more efforts seeking banking and/or financial assistance. All financial services are there in BiznEX.

Banking Services
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Micro Finance
Investment Angels
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Expo Zones

Services & Utilities Zone

Optimize your investment performance with the guidance of distinguished list of services providers

Training & HR
Accounting & Financial Audit
Advertising & PR
Logistics & Shipping
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Expo Zones

Exports Zone

No option is better than exporting from the heart of the globe. As a transcontinental country, Egypt’s location makes it the easiest to export to Africa, Europe, Asia and the whole world. Egypt is a transcontinental country that spans Africa’s northeast corner to Asia’s southwest corner via the Sinai Peninsula.

Export Consultancy
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Expo Zones

Governmental and Regulator Zone

Get all legal missions accomplished just few steps away from wherever you are at the expo

Amendment to legal status & agreements
Import & Export
Mergers & Demeregers
Company Liquidation
Company establishment
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